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The New Building Construction Process

Before Construction

Different elements need to be completed or in process in advance before you start your project. You need to first choose a lot with the correct zoning for your building with utilities available. You then pick the best design professional for the building on the property you have chosen.

While engineers mainly focus on the building’s structure, architects design and detail your building’s form, function and aesthetics as well as ensure it’s code compliance. An interior designer can also be helpful in both the architectural and aesthetics aspects of a project. However, they need to be supported by a professional that can draw detailed blueprints for the contractors to bid on.

Once it is time for contractors to bid on the job, you should take each proposal and verify if the contractor has the resources and expertise to perform the appropriate construction services. They also need to have the experience to handle the job with care and finish on time. You are then ready to begin construction once you have picked your commercial contractor.

The Project Begins…


Before anything, there are steps to take before construction starts on your project. Your property needs to be ready for a survey, the lot may need to be cleared, utilities are to be located, and a building permit should be procured. This should all be completed, including laying out the foundation substructure.

Concrete Work

After the substructure has been laid out, It's time to excavate the lot, and then a concrete team will place any required concrete that is needed for the foundation. Once the foundation is in the completed, we can then being to construct the walls to bring the foundation up to a level where a slab can be placed on top. All the work completed here is very dependent on the weather conditions. If the temperature is too low or has poor ground conditions, we will need to make adjustments or wait for the conditions to be workable.

Building the Structure

Once a foundation system is constructed, we will start building the structure with the framing team. The shell of the structure will include framing for ceilings, walls, and the roof. The type of materials will be the essential decision that you will need to make. The strength and aesthetics of the material can also widely vary in cost. There is no correct material but each choice is made for a specific reason. Your Architect will have assisted you with all of these decisions.

Finishing the Exterior

Once the structure is completed the, windows are installed and other items, then the exterior finish can be installed. Special considerations are made to properly install waterproofing systems that are appropriate. Finish systems are applied or installed after those are completed.

Finishing the Interior

The interior work is the last phase of the project. The mechanical team will begin installing all the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. During this phase there is much coordination with these trades and the interior finishes installation. flooring, trim painting, and all fixtures are installed in this phase.

Closing Out

There are just a few tasks once the structure is built, including some site work that is left outside. This includes pavers, electrical fixtures, retaining walls and final grading. All final inspections from the municipalities are procured as well. The contractor that you are working with will coordinate these inspections and make any needed corrections for full compliance.

Once the work is complete, the Architect or Owner may compose a punch-list which will contain a sign-off or items to be completed o corrected on the project. Once your contractor completes these items you are ready to occupy your space.

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