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Sargent Contracting LLC’s expertise covers a wide array of construction management and general contracting services for various projects. As every project is different, we know that there is no one solution.  Therefore, we as an Arkansas general contractor offer a variety of solutions that can result in complete services from inception to completion. And, our size allows us to be nimble and flexible enough to be able to offer a wide range of commercial services.  Call Sargent Contractors today and let’s discuss what solution is best for you.

AREA OF EXPERTISE PROFILE: Commercial Renovation

Sargent Contracting, LLC’s construction experts are knowledgeable in the field of commercial remodeling. We’ve performed renovations on a whole host of challenging projects which helps us know better how to look for the unforeseen conditions, hopefully before they arise.   Each renovation project is different and there are many additional things to consider verses a new construction project.   Whether it is reviewing the existing structural system, understanding how to re-route mechanical and electrical systems, or how converting an interior wall into an exterior wall after a demo will be affected by external forces, our team knows what to do or who to hire for answers.  Our commercial remodeling contractors in Arkansas work closely with Architects and Engineers and the business owner throughout each step of the renovation process to make sure that your commercial remodeling project is done to your satisfaction and will perform for many years to come. 

Our team has the experience and know-how to handle any of your renovation or remodeling projects in the Arkansas area, and we ensure that our work will meet your expectations. Improving the value of your commercial property, workplace productivity and effectiveness, are just a few of the advantages of hiring our renovation team in northwest Arkansas.

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Commercial New

At Sargent Contracting, LLC, we handle a variety of luxurious renovations and additions. Whether you need a well-organized office building, a lovely retail showroom, or a better-insulated warehouse, or a full kitchen remodel, our team will ensure the design we create meets your vision, timeline, and budget. We are recognized as one of the top contractors in Arkansas by all of our clients and have all of the proper equipment and trades necessary to make your construction project a huge success.

Our team can also procure design services if needed or we can  work closely with the architect and engineer of your choice to ensure a construction process that runs smoothly.

Let the Sargent Contracting, LLC construction team take the stress and frustration out of your new construction project. Call us now to get started!

Commercial Renovation

In Arkansas, Sargent Contracting, LCC specializes in commercial renovations. Our team has the experience and know-how to handle any of your renovation or remodeling projects in the Arkansas area, and we ensure that our work will meet your expectations. Improving the value of your commercial property, workplace productivity and effectiveness, are just a few of the advantages of hiring our renovation team.

Choosing Sargent Contracting, LCC also means you’ll be getting one of the best restoration specialists in Arkansas. We have highly qualified tradespeople for all phases of each renovation, restoration, or remodeling project. We are experts in preconstruction management, scheduling, and budget management to bring you peace of mind thru the construction process.

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Sargent Constructing Project Northwest Arkansas

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Commercial Interiors

Our commercial interiors team is ready to assist you with your tenant build out.   Whether it is a retail establishment or an office, our interior construction team will tackle your project in an efficient and speedy way to meet your grand opening date.  Think of us an extension of your business as we know that every day closed is costing you more.   We want to be there to help you grow your business to its full potential and a quality job, on time and in budget is a major step in your business growth.

We’ve completed many tenant infill projects over the years and that is another reason that Sargent Contracting, LLC is one of the best commercial construction companies in Arkansas area serving small business owners.  Reach out today to discuss your project.


Here are some commercial interior project types we have completed: business/corporate offices,  lobby renovations, reception area and common public areas, washroom renovations, hotels, doctor’s clinics, dental offices, restaurants, lounge areas, coffee shops, clubhouses, beauty salons, and many more.

Construction Management

When a client wants to maintain financial control over the process but needs someone with experience to help oversee the project, Sargent Contracting, LLC can be the single point of contact helping manage all factors of the project.  We can provide Construction Management services for a variety of fee types or even a guaranteed max price. Throughout our CM process, we guarantee that all project participants are communicating at the same level, and we tailor the level of client participation to their preferences and needs. We identify issues or concerns pertaining to construction, design, schedule, and cost and collaborate with the client to develop feasible solutions that will enable us to complete the project on time.

We also provide solutions in completing a successful project by identifying any problems or issues to design, construction. In order to assist our client with innovative ideas and assistance. 

Consult with us before starting your architectural and engineering design, and learn the benefits of hiring a construction manager. We can often save on costs by giving valuable input regarding the local construction market and practices.

Sargent Contracting in Northwest Arkansas

Cost estimation is one of the essential steps when planning a commercial construction project. Sargent Contracting, LLC provides expert construction cost estimation services as part of our robust preconstruction operation. Our clients will gain access to very reliable cost information that helps to improve the projects budgeting decisions. Experienced project estimators and managers will study construction drawings and develop a thorough estimate that you can rely on. Our team can generate more reliable cost estimates using a variety of tools at our disposal, which can reduce the risk of change orders during the construction project, saving you money. This results in our clients having fewer cost overruns or unexpected schedule delays. Sargent Contracting, LLC has also developed a value engineering framework that helps our clients see various cost-cutting opportunities, allowing them to make informed decisions early in the design process saving both time and energy of the design team.

Partner in the Construction Process

Sargent Contracting, LLC employs a team of experienced construction managers who are well-versed in all aspects of the industry. Our team can serve as consultants, coordinating and overseeing all subcontractors and tradesmen as well as taking on the overall management responsibilities.

With the additional expertise of a skilled construction manager, anyone who is sufficiently experienced in the building process can successfully undertake their building project.


We all share a personal and professional responsibility in ensuring the safety and health of our staff, subcontractors, customers, and the residents of the communities where we work. All staff assigned to a job site are OSHA-certified and follow the strictest safety guidelines when performing their construction duties. Sargent Contracting, LLC has an excellent safety record which helps us stand out from other general contracting/construction management companies.   Its a reflection of our values.

In response to the COVID-19 Outbreak, Sargent Contracting, LLC acknowledges the need to improve its business practices. When it comes to our work/worksites’ performance, Sargent Contracting, LLC will adhere to all relevant regulations and guidelines provided by OSHA, Departments of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and any applicable state/local public health authorities.

To learn more about how we can assist you with your commercial project, talk with one of our experts. Call us today at (479) 305-0379.

Service Areas

We Provide Arkansas Commercial Services in the Following Areas:

We serve Springdale, Fayetteville, Bentonville, Rogers, Bella Vista, Huntsville, Lowell, Winslow, West Fork, Gentry, Prairie Grove, and surrounding areas. If you have any questions about the areas we serve, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (479) 305-0379 or email us at

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